Spam Control

We are now introducing a new SPAM control called SPAMTITAN. This newly implemented software will supplement the original spam filter. This software will stop any email that appear as SPAM from reaching your inbox. You will be sent a list report containing the blocked emails via email. The report will provide you with options on whether to deliver, whitelist or delete the emails. You may also ‘delete all’ messages if all appear as SPAM. Note: If an email appears on the daily quarantine report and you trust the sender, you have the option to add the sender to the white-list. Therefore, the email doesn’t appear in the report and is never blocked in the future. If you would prefer to deliver the message for the specific email for review, you also have an option to deliver to your inbox for that specific instance. In the event your email client has trouble using the auto-generated links sent by SPAMTITAN to blacklist, whitelist, or release an email, using the SPAMTITAN account you can create below will offer access to all these tools and more. Having a SPAMTITAN account for management is ideal.

The image below is an example of the daily email that you will recieve: An example of a quarantine report

You may also manage your quarantined emails, whitelists and blacklists if you click the link (click here) at the bottom of your daily SPAM report. This will bring you to a login page. Note: You must select 'forgot password.' This will send you a temporary password via email for your first login. Please be sure to change your password immediately. Below is a quick link to the SPAM management portal. An image of the login page with the "Forgot your Passsword?" link is displayed below:

Spam Control Login - Click here

An example of the management login

For further questions/guidance regarding the functionality/flow of this software, please make contact with our support team. Click here to be directed to our contact information.


Additionally, you can enable the spam control for your email client. Setting up your SpamControl Message rules:

Setting Up SpamControl in Microsoft Outlook 2013

Click the File Tab|Manage Rules & Alerts, in the Rules and Alerts box, under the Email Rulestab, you will select New Rule. Specify the condition you would like to use (Move messages with Specific words in subject). Then you will need to click the contains link in which you will supply the specific word you would like to filter (***SPAM***). Nextly, you can click next and customize the filter further if needed. 

Please see the link below for further details:

Setting Up SpamControl in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Start Microsoft Office 2010, You will click Home|Rules|Manage Rules and Alerts. Next you will click New Rule, then the Email Rules Tab. Following this you will select the condition (Move messages with specific words in the subject to folder). Then, you will specify the containment of the specific words, and select which specified foler you would like the email to be forwarded to.

Setting Up SpamControl in Microsoft Outlook 2007

Open Microsoft Outlook 2007, right click on the message that you would like to create a rule for. Check the box that contains (Subject Contains), specify the field with ***SPAM***, below this will contain the Do the following subject. You will select Move the item to the folder, then specify the folder in which you would like the emails to route to. Then finish the rule by selecting ok.

Setting Up SpamControl in Microsoft Outlook Express

Start Outlook Express, go to the Tools menu, highlight Message Rules, and click Mail.

In the first option box, check the square next to the phrase "Where the Subject line contains specific words". Go down to the Rule Description box and click on the underlined words "contains specific words". Type **SPAM**, click Add, and click OK.

Now in the second dialog box, check the box beside the phrase "Move it to the specified folder". Down in the Rule Description dialog box, click the underlined word "specified". Highlight the Inbox icon and click the New Folder. For the folder name type Spam and pressOK, then press OK again.

In the fourth dialog box labeled "Name of the Rule" type "Spam" (without the quotations) and click OK. Click OK again to exit the Message Rules manager

Setting Up SpamControl in Microsoft Outlook 2000

Start Microsoft Outlook, go to the Tools menu and click Rules Wizard.

In the Rules Wizard dialog box, click the tab that says New. Highlight "Check messages when they arrive" and click Next. At the next pull down menu, scroll down until you see the option "with specific words in the subject". Place a check in this box. Next, go to the box that is labeled Rule Description and click on the underlined words "specific words". In the dialog box that pops up, place the words **SPAM** in the Add new box. Click Add, and then click OK.

Back at the Rules Wizard dialog box, click Next. In the box labeled "What do you want to do with the message?" check the box beside the phrase "move it to the specified folder". Down in the Rule Description dialog box, click on the underlined word "specified". Highlight the Inboxicon and click New. For the name type "Spam" (without the quotation marks) and click OK. Click OK on the next dialog box, then click Next. Click Next again without choosing any exceptions.

In the box labeled "Please specify a name for this rule" type **SPAM** and click Finish.

For additional information please check out this site -

Setting Up SpamControl for Windows Live Mail

Open Windows Live Mail, select the folders tab towards the top of the window. Click theMessage Rules icon. Navigate to the New Rules tab in that window. Select New to create a new rule. You will then have an option to specify the condition (Where the Subject line contains specific words), then specify the action (Move to a certain folder). Then you will click the contains link and specify the field in which you are filtering (***SPAM***). Below this will be a specified link in which you will specify the folder that you are filtering to. Following this, you will save the rule.

Setting Up SpamControl for Windows Mail

Open Windows Mail, select tools from the menu. Select message rules from the list of options following by Mail...Next you will specify the condition for your rule by selecting if you would like to filter by: Where the From line contains people, Where the subject contains certain words, etc. Once the condition is specified, you will need to select the action for the rule, in example: Move it to the specified foler, Copy to specified folder, delete, or forward to people. Following this you can select the 'contains' link, which you can select the specific person/subject you are going to filter. You can then select the 'specified' link to determine the folder to direct. Lastly, you will complete the rule (s) by selecting ok.

Setting Up SpamControl for Thunderbird

Open Mozilla Thunderbird, Locate and select the Tools menu and click Message Filters. ClickNew to open the Filter Rules window. Enter the name of the filter for identification. Select the field in which you will filter (Sender,Subject,etc). Enter the material in the empty field specifying exacty what you want to filter (***SPAM***). Next specify the action for the filter (filter to trash, copy to:, etc). Once the information is specified, you will select ok to complete the filter addition.

For additional information, please click the link below: