Email Client Setup

Please, if you don't know your email password, come in to City Hall or call 348-5947 to get your email password. We do not send passwords via email for security purposes.

For further help on setting up your email client please see below.

This guide also pertains to email setup on a mobile device.

Server Settings
When setting up email, the setup will ask whether this is a POP, IMAP, or EXCHANGE account. For most purposes, select IMAP. Next, the email address (, username (johndoe) and password are required. After entering the email address and password, the setup will request technical server settings. Please refer to the following information for incoming hostname, port number, outgoing hostname, port number etc.:

Incoming Server Settings:
Incoming Server Port Number:
  • For IMAP: 143
  • For POP: 110
Note: POP is being replaced by IMAP and should only be used if this email will only be setup on a single device.

Outgoing Server Settings:
**Mobile Devices:**
Port number: 587
Enable password authentication
Port number: 25

Quick Guide:

In Server Settings
Inc Hostname
Port # (POP/IMAP) 110/143

Out Server Settings
Outgoing Hostname
Port # 25

Mobile Devices
Outgoing Port # 587
Outgoing Auth:

That's it! While there are small variations in the setup process of each email client, this general guide should help you setup most of them. There are some other customizations that you may consider including the amount of time the client leaves a copy of new messages on the server (For POP accounts only). You can find this in the advanced account properties section of most clients. If this guide does not suffice for your particular client, please refer to the applications documentation. Links to some popular applications follow, just check back here for reference to the technical stuff. If you are still having trouble, feel free to contact a Bardstown Cable support technician for help. Thanks for reading!

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