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    Are your TVs ready?

Bardstown Cable's digital conversion will affect every Bardstown Cable subscriber with analog TVs. It is important that you understand what this conversion means and what it will require of you.

Learn all about the Digital-To-Analog conversion and how it will affect you from the selection on the left. If you need help determining if you can view digital channels, please call (502)348-5947 so we can help you find the best path to see these channels.

The Digital Conversion

Bardstown CATV has transitioned to all-digital technology for its entire channel lineup. We have stopped transmitting analog signals completely.  Analog transmission requires more bandwidth and we can broadcast the same channels digitally and only use a fraction of the bandwidth.

New features, such as more HD channels, Video on Demand (VOD), and improved quality are just some of the benefits this digital transition offers.

Using a Digital-To-Analog converter (DTA) can allow legacy non-digital televisions to view these channels. We no longer offer DTAs to customers, they are available for purchase from most electronics retailers.

Please note: If your TV does not have a digital tuner, it will not be able to decode any digital channels without some sort of set-top box. HD boxes from us are a great option!


Will this affect me?

If you have an older analog TV (and it is not connected to an existing Advanced Set-Top), you will need a DTA box to receive any of our channels. Our suggestion is to upgrade the television or obtain an Advanced Set-Top from us.

Please note: Some early flat-screens do not have QAM tuners. To tell if your TV has a QAM tuner, refer to your TV owner's manual or perform a channel scan through the set up on your TV. If you pick up our digital music channels and channels listed with x.1 extensions (i.e., ESPN on 26.1), then your TV has a QAM tuner.

Also, please note: Premium services (HBO, etc) will not be supported by the DTA. A QAM tuner or advanced set-top will be required for premium services.


What is the cost?

Your account will be charged $2.95/month for our HD gateway without DVR or $7.95/month for our HD gateway with DVR. Both of which offer access to our VoD services and menu. We do not offer DTAs any longer.

Please contact our office at (502)348-5947 if you need any further assistance or would like to add features.


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